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Delivering YOUR MESSAGE Better

The original QR code was developed as an industrial function for the car assembly sector.

The QR code, invented by Denso Wave continue to be one of the most popular codes ever.

The dot matrix code is two dimensional designed to be scanned at high speed. Consumer acceptance has grown significantly with the introduction of the Smart Phone. Users simply scan the code, no URLs, no special password, and content is immediately downloaded.

Developed in Ireland, QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, now enters a new development era. QRVO now includes a professionally recorded introduction, offering an innovative and consumer friendly engagement. QRVO is now linked to Social Media and its customer engagement is available with Analytics.

QRVO is provided in a print ready format, the client determines the content and the distribution. While the code remains intact, changes and updates can be updated remotely.QRVO is available from stamp size to 48 sheet poster.

With applications in the B to B and B to C markets, QRVO bridges old and new media in a innovative manner. QRVO allows clients to determine content, change, if required, deployment, analytics and links to Social Media

The QRVO process

The Standard Order requires, client digital content, ie video, information, discount voucher special offer. We also require a supporting script, or for an additional charge, we can write a script.

The information is then compiled into a draft QRVO code and submitted for client approval.

The final aspect of the process, the completed QRVO. Code, in an agreed print ready format,  is submitted to the client

Bespoke QRVO codes require more intense client engagement, where the specific needs are required and a quotation, confirming price and deliverables is issued

Repeat Orders, may be a requirement for those with regular updates

3000 QRVO scans for €280.00 (plus vat) *SPECIAL INTRODUCTION OFFER ACT NOW!*

QRVO minimum six updates for €250.00 (plus vat)


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