QRVO Delivering YOUR business message BETTER


Applications for QRVO

QRVO Delivering YOUR business message BETTER


QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over, was originally introduced by Denso in 1992. Castlebar based QRVO.ie have redeveloped the code and now incorporates a more consumer engaging voice over element.

QRVO is a high capacity alpha numeric barcode which allows for fast downloads. The code offers a professionally recorded introduction, depending on application, a longer narration
The updatable content has practical and innovative option in Advertising, Branding, Promotion and Information sectors.
Content includes text, graphics, audio, or audio video
Smart phone and mobile device users simply scan the code, no URL, no password, no user details. Content is downloaded immediately. Most mobile devices allow this content to be emailed to others.
Deployment and distribution.
Signage, overprint on conventional publications, outgoing emails, packaging, promotional material, business cards, key rings. The scale allows the flexibility to consider 48 Sheet to an overprint on maps.
QRVO codes can also be incorporated into most Social Media strategies.
QRVO is designed around the client needs. The content, not the graphic, can be updated and changed to reflect changing market requirements. The number of scans will be included in Analytics for evaluations.
Retail, Our QRVO programme provides a customer engagement channel
Tourism. A QRVO based VIP, Visitor Information Point, is available for early implementation
Packaging. Additional sales tool, highlight the USF, Unique Selling Features, make your product/service talk.
Parking. Parking Marketing identifies and adopts public and private sector parking as a sales channel
Fashion Retail. Our QRVO programme adds an innovative customer engagement channel providing up-to-date tips and trends and incorporates customer friendly video content and graphics.
Fast Moving Consumer Goods



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The QR code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave

 The QR, Quick Response, code was originally designed as an industrial application by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave.
This was a key application in vehicle assembly operations. The era of the Smartphone widened the application further.

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