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Delivering YOUR MESSAGE Better

QRVO is an innovative Information Gateway suitable for numerous advertising/branding and promotional applications. Based in the original QR code developed by Denso Wave, the high capacity code now offers flexibility, a consumer friendly voice over and a link to Analytics. The Alpha Numeric code is provided in a print ready format, with selected customer, text graphics or video content.
Users simply scan the codes with Smart Phones or mobile devices, no URLs, no passwords, no user details. Content is a near immediate download. Most Smart Phones now have inbuilt scan options.
QRVO clients determine the content. The level of scans can be monitored by Analytics. The code remains intact and the content can be changed remotely. The client determines the content, evaluates the campaign and can alter the content to match demand. The client also controls the deployment, signage, outgoing emails, traditional promotional material and blogs.
We are seeking to establish a reseller network in Ireland. Priority will be given to those with access to a large existing client base in the Micro, SME sectors.. QRVO brings a higher promotional impact and better engagement for the client. The humble business card now becomes THE information point.
Client provides a script and the relevant content. The typical turnaround is less than 7 days at which time the bespoke QRVO, and the commission payment will be despatched to the Reseller.
If you feel that you can meet this exciting challenge please email info@qrvo.ie to contact our sales team.

Print Partners Opportunities QRVO, Quick Response Voice Over.

We are seeking to establish a QRVO Print Partner network in Ireland. This offers an integrated upsell opportunity to the print sector. The QRVO code is a major additional promotional/marketing/advertising tool for the existing customer base. The once humble business card will continue to display primary contact details, and can offer a video presentation on a new service or product. Some customers may opt to provide a special offer, voucher.
The bespoke QRVO is provided in a print ready format. The customer determines the content and deployment. The code can be deployed on business cards, conventional publication, brochures, Labels, till receipts, headed paper, outgoing mails, signage and packaging. Most importantly the customer can determine the effectiveness through Analytics.
In a marketplace where customer engagement is critical QRVO is simple, customer friendly, innovative and that vital engagement can be evaluated.
If you feel this outline is of interest and merits further discussion, please email info@qrvo.ie to contact our sales team

Based on the original code developed by Denso wave, QRVO is re-engineered in Castlebar County Mayo www.qrvo.ie


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