QRVO Delivering YOUR business message BETTER


Delivering YOUR MESSAGE Better

What can QRVO do for your business?

QRVO is a communication tool that incorporates the fast developing mcommerce/digital marketing using smart phones and tablets/iPads.

You determine the content, advertise, brand, special offers, product information, newsletters, discount vouchers. Menus

Your QRVO code is presented to you in a print ready format. You decide on how best to deploy , business cards, till receipts, product packaging, emails, signage, existing promotional material.

Your QRVO code includes a monthly evaluation report, providing your business with the scan activity and response. If required, the content can be changed, updated or revised. A QRVO package can include regular updates to reflect business requirements. The visual graphic remains intact and the content is changed remotely

The QRVO code is scanned by smart phone, tablet, most have inbuilt scan facility,  The viewer has nearly immediate information access and can respond  or hold that content for later action

As a QRVO client, you have a choice of programmes, standard or bespoke, you decide on content, you determine deployment, and you receive monthly evaluation reports

The QRVO process

The Standard Order requires, client digital content, ie video, information, discount voucher special offer. We also require a supporting script, or for an additional charge, we can write a script.

The information is then compiled into a draft QRVO code and submitted for client approval.

The final aspect of the process, the completed QRVO. Code, in an agreed print ready format,  is submitted to the client

Bespoke QRVO codes require more intense client engagement, where the specific needs are required and a quotation, confirming price and deliverables is issued

Repeat Orders, may be a requirement for those with regular updates

Partners, QRVO is partnering with those enterprises with existing, high volume, distribution channels. This includes those in Tolling, Ticketing, Receipts, Events, parking or queue management. This is a revenue share arrangement to optimise QRVO, client based, promoting and advertising

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